Add a Map to your site

Create a virtual address card

First, create a virtual address card. It is your address data extended with extra information (Microformat style) for automated services to discover your address.

Street, City and Country are required fields (we need at least that information to put you on a map).

Integrate your address card

Second, copy/paste the following HTML code (after you clicked the 'Create' button) into your site, on your "Contact" or "About" page. This code does not include the link.

Example, what it will look like by default (including link):

You can further style your virtual business card to fit into your site.

Test, and fine tune if necessary

Lastly, once generated, click the location link to launch the Mapanui pane and check your location. If the location doesn't match (or needs some fine-tuning), try looking up your own location data and replace the latitude and logitude values when integrating this into your site.