The smart way to add maps to smart websites

  1. Drag the Mapanui link to your bookmarks bar: Mapanui
    (but take note of the privacy notice)
  2. Whenever you visit a site's About/Contact page, or any (smart*) page with an address, hit the Mapanui bookmark.
  3. If the address didn't resolve on the map automatically (not a smart page), hit the search link and enter the address data to find it manually.

Go ahead, click the link now! I dare you. This page contains some address information.

-New York 40.756040 -73.986941

-Sydney, Australia -33.85862 151.213331

Privacy notice:
Because of the hosted nature of this bookmarklet (hosted on the server), please be advised that Mapanui is able to see where it is being used, as it is called from the referring site (the site with the address you want to map). We are not able to identify you, nor do we use this referral information at all. But if you feel uncomfortable with this, then please don't use the Mapanui bookmarklet.

*Note: By "smart" page, we mean a webpage for which the page author has added additional, semantic information (Microformats) about the (address) data on the page. This allows third-party applications, like search engines, web services, Mapanui,..., to easily find and use that data.

Mapanui sample